He Actually Cares For His Clients!


We just recently sold our condo/townhouse in Irvine, CA for a much higher price than what we’ve listed it for and got multiple substantial offers. This wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise of Richard Wamsat. During our very first meeting, he provided us with a detailed “comparative analysis” of our property in contrast to other similar units within our condominium complex. He came well prepared and presented himself in a very professional manner.

 He then planned the entire process of the sale utilizing his craft in every aspect of it: the staging, the Open House, negotiating the terms of the best offer, etc.

 Richard also exhibited the ability to handle all the challenges that occurred within this period and had always reassured us that it will all be taken care of. In fact, he took care of all the details of the sale! However, the one thing that we truly admire about Richard, aside from his diligence, proficiency, and trustworthiness, is his highly conscientious character and the fact that he actually cares for his clients. We didn’t expect that from him but were pleasantly impressed that he truly is a person of integrity and honor. He saved us from difficulties and from having to spend money on something that he was able to remedy.

 Richard’s uniquely efficient strategy publicized our property to several possible buyers and created an influx of interested buyers at the Open House. Thus, resulted in multiple offers the next few days. To sum it up, our whole experience during the sale of our place with Richard has been a one-of-a-kind, pleasant, very productive and memorable one. He delivered way above our expectations and has definitely gained our admiration and respect. We would like to extend our deep gratitude to him in making this journey toward our retirement an “easy” one.

Myron & Carolyn


Irvine, CA