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E-commerce Exchange Post

Like many, I entered the fray as zoom meeting, dog interrupting, dishwasher beeping, work from home business person in 2020. Last year at the beginning of the lockdown orders I met a man in the parking lot of a corner gas station to buy two used computer monitors for my makeshift home office since the State said we had to shut down the company office.

You have probably felt the uneasiness that comes with meeting a stranger at their home or some random parking lot to exchange cold hard cash for some item for sale on the internet. Inside you wonder “is this guy going to rob me” and “is a $20 something-or-other worth all of this?”. My wife certainly does not want people we do not know coming over to the house to buy something we no longer want. She would rather donate it, I get that. Going to meet a stranger, well I’m sure you have all heard of that one time where it all went wrong.

City of Irvine Solution

The Irvine Police Department’s social media team posted this on their social medial channels.

The full post reads:

“Did you know that the Irvine Police Department has an E-Commerce Exchange zone? When meeting to buy or sell something from the internet it is important to take precautions. Our designated E-Commerce parking spots are under 24-hour video surveillance and are located outside the police department at 1 Civic Center Plaza. They are well lit and marked with signs in the first row of parking spots closest to the building.

If you can’t meet outside the police department, be sure to meet in a safe place and follow these tips to ensure a safe transaction:

  • Meet in a public place that is in a safe and populated area, prefererably durring daytime hours
  • Leave excess money and valuables at home
  • Learn how to spot counterfeit bills at

#crimeprevention #InPartnershipWithTheCommunity #IPD “

Safety When Selling Your Home

Unfortunately, selling your Irvine home is a little more complicated than meeting someone in the police parking lot, but here are a few tips that you can use to keep yourself safe during the process.

  • Hire a real estate professional to handle the sale. Your agent can provide you with best practices when showing your home.
  • A real estate professional can also protect your bottom-line and pocketbook when it comes to the negotiation process.
  • A real estate professional can implement best practices for showing your home during COVID.
  • Create a strong market campaign focusing on virtual tours and heavy online promotion to attract today’s buyers.

Bottom Line

Irvine is a great city to live in with a focus on safety. Utilize the Irvine Police Department’s e-Commerce zone and recommendations if you need to meet up with someone to buy or sell something from the internet. If you are thinking about selling your Irvine, CA, let’s connect so I can go over how we protect you during the process.


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