Trustworthy Agent That Will Go The Extra Mile

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Trustworthy Agent That Will Go The Extra Mile


If you are looking for a trustworthy agent that will go the extra mile while providing you with sound advice for legal matters and the market advice, then look no further.

This was the second time Richard represented us our real estate agent. Three years ago, we rented out our townhouse and we found a really nice SFR to rent with his tremendous help. Our experience was very positive, but when we decided to sell the townhouse three years later, we still wanted to interview a few other agents before we decide. We still had a tenant under contract until the end of June 2018, but we wanted to sell before that to take advantage of the tax laws of living in the property for two years of the past five. We asked each agent we interviewed about some strategies for convincing our tenant to leave early and the challenge of going to the market and selling the unit as fast as possible when this happens.

There are a lot of agents out there who may try to win your business by offering you a better rate or by making promises that may not be fulfilled. The most important factor for us was having a piece of mind when there is so much at stake. Richard stood out for that quality and we felt like we made the right choice from the beginning.

While we are waiting for our tenant to find a new place, Richard was able to find a buyer who made a very competitive offer before the house even went to the market. Richard was able to get a hold of some prospective buyers who made offers to a similar townhouse. One of them turned out to be our buyer.

The process wasn’t without hiccups. We had a leak in the wall between our unit and the neighbors during the escrow. The appraisal came low and it had to be readjusted after the sale of the similar unit was complete. In each obstacle we experienced, Richard came through with great advice and strategy. He stepped out to the plate and go above and beyond our expectations. We were able to close the escrow without much delay and both parties were happy.

Working with Richard, we noticed that he not only put our minds at ease but he also gained the confidence and trust of all the parties involved in the sale. So if you are considering him to represent you, we can say from personal experience that you will not regret choosing him.

Hasan & Andaleeb

Irvine, CA

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