Homeownership is the Top Contributor to Your Net Worth

Recently two U.S. Census Bureau researchers released their findings on the biggest determinants of household wealth. What they found may help shape your view on building your family’s net worth. Many people plan to build their net worth by buying CDs or stocks, or just having a savings account. Recently, however, Economist Jonathan Eggleston and …

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Why All Retirees Should Consider Irvine, CA

Gearing up for retirement? This time in your life is a great opportunity to move to a city where you can focus on the things that make you happiest rather than the obligations you planned your life around during your younger years. If you’re looking for a fresh, relaxed city for your Golden Years, you definitely need to consider Irvine, California. 

Buying a Home in Irvine, CA?

Being a great place to live also means being a great place to work. With a vibrant economy, Irvine is home to several large employers and many high-tech businesses. It is rated one of the top cities for start-up businesses. With its strong, fast-growing economy, Irvine helped place Orange County as one of the top ten fastest growing job markets.

Should I Wait Until Next Year to Buy a Home?

Word on the street is that homes are taking longer to sell, and prices are coming down. There is talk that it would be better to wait until prices drop further like they did between 2008 and 2011. Others are saying that the market moves every 10 years and we are overdue for a correction. Some of you might be thinking that is the start of what we saw in 2008 when the real estate market crashed.

Mom Earned Those Greys…

She earned those greys…

Each one a battle scar of some life event she has had to overcome. I’d like to think that very few were from me, but let’s be honest I’m sure I caused more than my fair share.