Took My Clients Out To The Ballgame!

Last year my company, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage started what they call the Core 4 Values program. One of the Core 4 Values included lots of marketing tools that helps me promote your home to more buyers getting you the most money from your sale.

Another of the Core 4 Values is the Clients for Life program which includes client appreciation events through-out the year.

How fun is that!

This month we took some clients out to the ballgame.

Coldwell Banker bought a whole bunch of tickets (and I must say they were pretty awesome seats), everyone had a blast!

I am so happy to be a part of this great company that puts agents and clients first.

A company who backs us up with amazing marketing to help us deliver exceptional value to our clients and goes above and beyond to help us deliver great experiences.


Brandy got the small beer… LOL
Selfie time with my beautiful wife.
Our friend Keisha got a full-size beer and my manager made sure that Brandy got one too. Thanks Erol!
Great time with clients Scott and Caitlin
We’re a goof.

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