Why All Retirees Should Consider Irvine, CA

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Why All Retirees Should Consider Irvine, CA

Gearing up for retirement? This time in your life is a great opportunity to move to a city where you can focus on the things that make you happiest rather than the obligations you planned your life around during your younger years. If you’re looking for a fresh, relaxed city for your Golden Years, you definitely need to consider Irvine, California. 


Irvine, located in amazing Southern California, is a master-planned community designed to bring resort-style amenities to regular neighborhoods. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that WalletHub ranked Irvine as the second happiest city in all of America. Retirees in the city can enjoy the vibrant culinary, cultural, and outdoorsy amenities the city has to offer. With all of this in mind, choosing to retire in Irvine really is a no-brainer.  


Not convinced? Read on for a list of all the reasons Irvine is a top destination for retirees:

The Weather in Irvine is Picture Perfect

The California sunshine and weather are world-famous, and Irvine offers the best of it. The temperatures in this city couldn’t be more comfortable. According to U.S. climate data, the average annual high temperature is about 73°F, while the average low is 54.3°F. This amazing weather allows retirees to enjoy all the great outdoor amenities Irvine has to offer – including more than 16,000 acres of parks. Active retirees can enjoy biking and hiking all year round without having to worry about it ever snowing or even getting too cold. Health is wealth – and there’s plenty of opportunities to stay active and healthy in Irvine. 

Irvine is one of the Safest Cities in America


The last thing you should have to worry about during your retirement is living somewhere dangerous. The FBI’s Annual Uniform Crime Report consistently ranks Irvine as the safest city of its size in all of the U.S., which means you can rest easy. Peace of mind is priceless, especially during your Golden years. 

Irvine Is Home to a Variety of Senior Living Options


For some people, buying a new home for their retirement years is a great choice. If you’re active, fully independent, and would like to treat new real estate as an investment, buying property is a great idea. If you are hesitant to buy a new home for this stage of your life, you’ll be happy to hear that Irvine is home to many different senior living options for you to consider. 


If you are independent and active, but would rather avoid having to take care of a property fully on your own, you can consider moving into a retirement community. Retirement communities, also called “55-plus” or “active adult” living communities, are planned neighborhoods with amenities and activities specifically geared towards seniors. 

As people age, changes to their health status or mobility limitations are almost inevitable. Complications with either health or mobility could ultimately inhibit your ability to live fully on your own. If you believe you will need assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, getting dressed or managing your medications, you may be best suited for an assisted living facility. There are many top-ranked assisted living facilities in the Irvine area for you to choose from. 

Ready to Get Started?


Contact Richard Wamsat today to start your journey to finding the perfect home for your retirement in Irvine, CA! As one of the top real estate agents in the area, I am committed to ensuring your real estate experience is smooth, fulfilling and fully personalized to meet your exact needs and preferences. Finding the right home for you doesn’t have to be a painful process – call today to learn more about how I can help you achieve your dreams in Irvine. 

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